"NAMASTE" When I went to Nepal for the year, I went to a temple in Gorkha, Nepal. I also went there for the first time and it was a very good place.
There was also a mountain near the temple. There were many forest and oranges. It's a little cold, but I want to go again when I have time,
The Manakamana Temple situated in the Gorkha district of Nepal is the sacred place of the Hindu Goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Parvati.
The name Manakamana originates from two words, “mana” meaning heart and “kamana” meaning wish. Venerated since the 17th century,
it is believed that Goddess Bhagawati grants the wishes of all those who make the pilgrimage to her shrine to worship her.
Cable Car connecting Kurintaar to Manakamana temple. if you would like this place and temple,please one time visit there "thank you "