To guests who have booked through
To Guests who have booked Hotel Wing International through
It has come to our attention that the chat system may have been compromised, leading to a series of automated spam messages being sent one after another. We want to assure you that this communication is genuine. Please do not respond to any spam messages.
Currently, you may have received a chat message through stating that “payment processing has failed, and if not completed within 12 hours, the reservation will be canceled.” There may also be other chat messages prompting you to take some action, failing which, your reservation will be canceled. Please be aware that these messages are not sent by us and appear to be spam.
We, as a hotel, do not initiate direct contact with customers regarding payment. Furthermore, we will never cancel your reservation without your explicit consent. If the chat messages contain any URLs or links, we strongly advise you not to click on them.
If you have accidentally clicked on a URL and provided payment information (such as credit card details), please contact or your credit card company immediately.
Thank you for your understanding.